The Error of a God.


I fear Godless men posturing,
I fear more the camera rolling.
A sympathy of animal noise cuts the air,
soon to be empathy.
A child's torment fills the ether.
And the beat goes on 
A hand on the cheek
Flaunting a prize
A butcher selecting incision points
Disbelief still consumes the mind 
The mind of the innocent 
No concept of guilt 
Dark men begin the detach
Knee in back 
And scream to God
Such glee

You watch,

You just keep watching... 

No camera trick, 
No switch 
No industrial light 
Or magic

Everything is tragic


  • orchidee

    I can't seem to guess what's going on here, but it's something very nasty I'm sure.

    • Yorke

      I could tell you, it is something I found extremely upsetting.
      I'm not sure if you'd want to know, I think the world should know.

      • orchidee

        Now it's not revealed, we're curious to know what it is! But if we know, we may wish we had not known it. Have I guessed it - FGM?

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