Central air conditioning quickly

found this creature comfort acclimated,

defies, contradicts, bumps uglies...

up against rugged individualist

I meekly profess to idealize

admitting propensity nothing

distinguishable differentiating

all talk no action, no less tolerant

than aversion to extreme heat index

burrowing into sixty degree Fahrenheit

climate control mancave

quite divergent weathering

humid, hot, and hazy

dog days of summer,

when boyhood at 324 Level Road

lacked luxuriating aforestated amenity

first poetic line

introducing anonymous reader

familiar or otherwise

regaling modest literary versatility,

whereby yours truly

dealt with temperatures

registering bajillion degrees,

especially level housing bedrooms


about half dozen steps above landing

suddenly experiencing indisputable

scientific principle hot air rises

undermining ability to function

no more active rather equally inert

as inanimate object


mainly cuz estate complex edifice

formerly christened "Glen Elm"

built approximately half century

preceding incorporating

said modern HVAC conveniences,

no modern building lacks,

plus ability to tolerate hardship

much more omnipresent

before yours truly

racked quite numerous

orbitz round the sun

versus now, when

greater sensitivity prevails,


I admit pioneer spirit plummeted,

and if forced to forego

custom tailored environment

would be immovable prey,

for even the most

harried styled carrion,


which admission would

only present challenge

predicated on severe disruption

compromising being hermetically

sealed, linkedin, cocooned...

within man-made dwelling

hardship analogous no name brand

garden variety slug

essentially homeless snail

shell lacked with mew cuss!


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