Regrets of Today, None of Tomorrow

I look back on my life, a trail of mistakes and regret. 

I measure my past choices against my standards and fret.

I’ve cried out to God for a chance to travel back

And make someone of out myself with less lack. 

But my desire has never been granted, my past decisions remain

In all their ugly, awful sins and the hearts that by mine were slain.

I wish I could have been a better man then, but the clock only moves on.

Perhaps I then should as well, and let the new days dawn.


I accept I have been forgiven of my past, God can clean my dirty heart,

And every day I waste in regret is a wasted new start.

It is not making mistakes, but reacting to and learning from them that makes a man.

As long as you learn to fight, it does not matter if in the past you have ran.

You decide when your best days begin.

You decide whether to be of the present and future or dwell in your past sin.

You will regret having regrets, what will you accomplish by sitting in glum? 

Try again tomorrow so that one day, you will have none.



  • orchidee

    A fine write JW.

    • JWKP98

      Thank you! This one, too, dates to a couple years ago.

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