White Noise

Off to bed one more time lonely
Turn the fan on, drown the sounds
So it feels like just me only
Try to sleep, but thoughts spin 'round
Turned upside down by one soul solely
Felt connected, one to hold me
Let me go to drift off coldly

The one to whom I dedicate
All my love that I can muster
Comes to her, won't hesitate
High stakes that I entrust her
My heart aches when speech penetrates
Breaks the surface, pulls me under
With daggered words, she'll devastate;
The stake to my heart's slumber

Washed in white noise, in my own zone
So distant, but one room away
Is a place I feel much more at home
When mine seems gone astray
A heart lies still while currents moan
Enshrouded in their drone,
Loud and peaceful, here I stay
Safe, sound, and alone


  • AlitaOpal

    My mother used to say, "never let the sun go down on your worries and troubles, you must resolve them before dark." Where she's from, she believes today perpetuates your tomorrow.. this was a very deep master piece 🌹

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