I am not defined by 
your words that fall
The vile, black-gunk,
from your tongue,
means nothing
to me
at all  

You might 
have thought
I’d fall 
to shaky knees
flushed red,
with unease


My value 
come by
the sticker-price
you try
to place on me
I am both
Warrior woman 
& Water lily
so much more 
than what
your eyes
can see

Unashamed of
passion that flows
or cosmic strength
that grows
day by day 
in these veins
My womanhood
a proud display 

I know who I am
Blood of Caribbean seas
Daughter of palo verde trees
Woman of desert mountains
You, will never define me



    Now this is an awesome poem! Good to read your increasingly powerful words!

    • Santita

      So happy you felt the power, Lawless! Thanks for always gifting your support, my friend. You have my gratitude.

    • dusk arising

      So true, your worth has no bounds. Both terrible and demeaning to have to tolerate black slime from one who once was nearly right for you but...
      Self esteem is a resource with both a red cross, purple heart, and medals for bravery. Never worn by you with swagger but like the strength which enables tall trees to withstand a storm it is your quietly present 'backbone'.

      So, reading between your lines, life has been 'interesting' for you. I hope both yourself and us, your admiring tongues out public, will be rewarded with a newfound richness to your enchanting scribbles.

      M O R E !!!

      • Santita

        Yes, life has happened. But, this one isn't about a romantic partner. More directed towards a certain type of man on behalf of women. But really for anyone that has been harassed. Unfortunately, my experience sparked the piece. Thank you for your enthusiasm on my poetry, it always makes me feel good. 🧡

      • Christina8

        This is beyond the beyond! Just brimming with talent and truth. It has a flavor of Maya Angelou....honest. This is simply one of my favorite poems I have seen on this site.

        • Santita

          I absolutely love Maya Angelou. 'Still I Rise' is a poem I have read over and over, and let seep into my spirit. You honor me with such a kind comparison. Thank you so much, dear friend 🧡

          • Christina8

            Absolutely, it is my pleasure, friend!!

          • Fay Slimm

            Wow - - amazing work Santi -- a real favourite for sure.

            • Santita

              Thank you immensely, dear Fay, for this wonderful comment, and also for saving it. I am ever grateful 🧡

            • ANGELA & BRIAN

              HOLA SANTITA - ANGELA aqui - como estes ? Es 8am (sabado) aqui en NEW ZEALAND !
              Saturday a day for recreation and sailing - AMEN ! Love the feminine Power in your Poem. Im 31 and often in the past (V 1 & 2) Ive allowed myself to be dominated and defined by my Partners - but I have shaken myself free from the PASTand resolved to be my OWN WOMAN ! Somewhere in between a Warrior Woman (STRONG & POWERFUL) and a Water Lily (ELEGANT & FRAGRANT) - I too am unashamed of my PASSION & WOMANHOOD ! Yo soy 50% espanola ~ I am very capable of LOVE and in BRIAN I found a Gentleman (Caballero) who wanted to Complement ME & not Dominate ME. He even encouraged me to embark on a 15 month Work Exchange in New Zealand because He knew - from past experience - just how much I would love it - AMEN !

              Every Blessing & Peace & Joy
              Abrazos y Besos - ANGELA 🧡🧡🧡🧡

              • Santita

                That is wonderful, Angela! Never forget your worth! Sending well wishes for your work trip. Thank you so much for the read and comment!

              • Michael Edwards

                - one of your best Santita.

                • Santita

                  I am thrilled you think so, Michael. I hold your opinion in high regard. Thank you so much 🧡

                • PoeticBiscuit

                  Woah. Such emotion and power resonating off of those words. I loved the rhyme scheme and word setup. First I’ve read from you but definitely won’t be the last.

                  • Santita

                    Thank you for feeling the power! I appreciate your read and visit :)

                  • Goldfinch60

                    Fabulously strong write Santita. In any relationships respect MUST be there between you for it to progress in any meaningful way.

                    • Santita

                      Very true. Thank you kindly, Goldie. Much appreciated!

                    • Neville

                      a splendid poem and one hell of a tribute to womankind and indeed to mother earth me thinks.... Neville

                      • Santita

                        Thank you so much, my friend! Your review made me smile

                        • Neville

                          pleasure and hey.. tis all mine.... N

                        • kevin browne

                          Syperberbly penned, my freind. You stick with your poem and take it everywhere you go. I'm sure enough to say after reading your womenhood poem. Good to see the message is getting out there. Well done...!!!

                          • Santita

                            Thank you so much, Kevin! A nice surprise to see your name pop up!

                          • Suresh

                            Neither give nor take an opportunity to demean.
                            Strength of a woman, poetically expressed

                            • Santita

                              Yes, thank you very much, Suresh.

                            • sylviasearcher

                              You amaze me. I love reading you.

                              It reminded me of a story I read from women who run with wolves. About a cloak where women write all the names they have been called in a kind of emancipatory way.

                              Your words were fierce like a dragon breathing fire on that cloak of blame and shame and subjugation.

                              You are ‘woman of desert mountains’

                              And an amazing poet 😌

                              • Santita

                                You spoil me with your words. I bought the book after you initially told me about it eons ago, but I am slowly making my way through it. I am excited to get to the part of the cloak.

                                Thanks for being here, I treasure you

                                • sylviasearcher

                                  Oh I must tell you there are parts I have not read yet as it really challenges me so I have to read it slowly.

                                  I treasure you too. I always love to see you have written and shared your words.

                                  You are an amazing poet 😊

                                • Seek

                                  Way to go young lady! Cowards who thought they owned your self-esteem will scuttle for safety never to be seen again. Your powerful words will surely leave their own self-esteem in tatters.

                                • orchidee

                                  Oohhh, I try, but how can I be positive married to KP? heehee!

                                  • Santita

                                    🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂😂 she wrote this because of you!

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