At home with
the serape of night
aching sorrow
soul-soothing light
raven hours 
rouse my inner
celestial flowers
to paint the sky
with gold moondust
& cosmic rosebuds
Dimming the pain
with a silky glaze
warm milky ways
fill these hollows
From this
midnight pallet
I am reborn
as vibrant as
the sun
in the morn'


  • orchidee

    A fine write Santita. I'm at home with aching sorrow day and night. Well, not really, as I hardly ever see KP. She's always busy being in the newspapers or on telly. lol.

    • Santita

      hahaha but her home is with you!
      Thanks, Orchi!

    • Fay Slimm

      Ah - - penned to perfection this has to be one of your best Santita - I must add it to my favourites to read again.

      • Santita

        You honor me with such a comment! I am elated that you enjoyed it, Fay! All my gratitude.

      • Neville

        Beautifully crafted my dear friend and poet...... Neville

        • Santita

          Thank you so much, my dear friend. I am smiling at your visit! Much appreciated

          • Neville

            I am smiling too and you are much more than welcome.... N

          • Christina8

            Astounding poetic brilliance!! This is incredible!! So beautifully penned my dear friend....Christina

            • Santita

              What an incredibly kind and lovely comment to receive, thank you so much, dearest! Much appreciated

            • dusk arising

              The night, the majestic night, displaying her vastness lands upon our humility as a humbling measure.

              What matter our human worries and tribulation? We are but a speck of creation in this wonderverse.

              Celestial flowers duly blossom and yay Santita is refreshed stepping through a halo of rebirth, fully equipped to face all that comes her way.

              • Santita

                I always look forward to your thoughts on a piece - 'halo of rebirth' might you be a poet, sir? We must appreciate the vastness of it all, me thinks. :) Thank you, dear.

              • PoeticBiscuit

                Every time you post I brave myself for a wild trip into some beautiful my written poetry. Job well done Santita.

                • Santita

                  haha thanks for joining me on the trips! Thanks for this lovely comment, much appreciated :)

                • Goldfinch60

                  That sun will always shine on you Santita.

                  • Santita

                    and on you, my friend. thank you for the visit :)

                  • Michael Edwards

                    I read this and now I'm floating on a cloud - come join me.

                    • Santita

                      haha I'll be right there! Thanks for your visit, Michael :)

                    • LAWLESS

                      Very well written and uplifting. Iโ€™m more in the mood for some Unsub though.

                      • Santita

                        yeah, I am too. Hope he pops-up with some stirring words soon.

                      • sylviasearcher

                        Is it just me or is there something oh so very sensual about this? It felt so soothing beneath the wonder of the world. I felt relinquishment, acceptance, anticipation, release and glory. You are an amazing poet.

                        • Santita

                          I love that you could sense some sensual undertones in this! Your words always bring me comfort at times I need them most. Thanks for being a spark of warmth on my page

                          YOU are an amazing poet

                          • sylviasearcher

                            Oh I think you are so much more amazing. You could publish a book of poetry. They are wonderful ๐Ÿ˜Š

                          • Andrew Charles Forrest

                            Like from a caterpillar to a butterfly

                            • Santita

                              Thank you so much!

                            • ANGELA & BRIAN

                              Muchos Gracias SANTITA por esta Poema ! Es muy elegante ! In Structure - Sensuousness & Substance ! We have chosen it as a favourite - because when we are apart (11,500 miles) we cannot cuddle our BLUES away - BUT - as you describe - la Noche y Nuestra Hermana Luna - calms our Nerves - lifts our Spirits & sooths our Heartaches ! Amamos esta Poema !

                              Muchos Abrazos y Besos por Tu
                              Tus Hermanos ANGELA y BRIAN
                              ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿงก ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿงก

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