kevin browne

In This Life.

In this life, this one's been given
A chance to dance on a melody
And to have swum the Carribean
As Jamaican girls sing in harmony.

It was the ones who never let go
This love that life held me in hand
But, there's something you'd know
How to live life in a rock n roll band.

Sometimes lightning strikes a heart
In this hole in which it was shining
And sometimes it's breaking apart
In this life, a part of you was taken.

When this life made out a misery
It felt disintegrated without a note
And then when things made easily
You wear diamonds to out.

Brothers and sisters begin to sing
Unlike unarmoured lips for a kiss
Uncles and Aunties love to bring
Remember memories that missed.

And for certainty, there is the doubt
To look underneath it all in madness
For days that pass in order to gloat
About this life within all the sadness.

To remember how it is when dead
Flocks of birds fly under our Sun
As angels listen silently from a bed
Life is precious, life's a son of a gun.

And when this life turns out to be real
There is still the love that will remain
And to entice yourself you finally feel
When the love of life has been blamed.

To take a child within this life of yours
To spring into action and to take it in
So therefore that we open the doors
For angels hearts and magic to bring.

This is your feelings which live on
Towards the centre of such gravity
Forever in motion and to be strong
There in the heart loves eventually.


  • orchidee

    A fine write Kevin.

    • kevin browne

      Thank you, Mr gentleman of intrinsic thought....

    • dusk arising

      The love of life and having lived one shines out here.

      • kevin browne

        Thank you for taking note of what you just wrote. A pleasure my dear freind...

      • Neville

        Methinks this is more self disclosive than one might at first imagine.... loads of detail & fascinating imagery.. Part truth, part principle, part philosophy maybe .. a compelling read.... N

        • kevin browne

          Neville, you make my heart grow when I read your comments. What you just wrote is absolutely spot on. I believe there is always a connection to any person who writes poetry and it stamps a good mark on their work. Thank you, Neville...

          • Neville

            you are much more than merely welcome...

          • Tiffany_Arnold

            amazing :)

            • kevin browne

              Thank you, Tiffany. Amazing is awesome...

            • Joe Dawson

              Neville is right I think, you are painting a picture here in which you play or have played a leading role. There is commitment, children, love, and who knows what else lies between the lines that only you can decipher. A deep read Kevin and a damn good one too. Joe

              • kevin browne

                Thank you, Joe. To love painted pictures you must learn to love and trust yourself, your imagination the ones you really love and the world around you. I think I made it deep enough as you say in order for some intrinsic people such as yourself that there must be more to life than living. You're a gentleman with a big SIR on top of it.

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