Joe Dawson

A friend through and through

Notice of absence from Joe Dawson
I shall be away for quite some time. It's been great fun. Stay safe, stay well. Goodbye for now. Joe

Betray not the moment with

Blusher and brush, eyeliner,

Mascara, a girl in a rush …


Not quite the tone I had in mind.


Truth is I promised a lady I’d write,

With some heartfelt emotion, some

Words she might like, and so here

You find me in thought at my desk,

Where promises made, will be promises



In the beginning there was a word

And the word was poetry, a word that

Meant so much to so many. In the

Beginning the word was lost for a name,

Many pondered the subject and soon the

Time came to Christen this most sensual,

Most meaningful of all words, and the

Name chosen was love.


Come my sweet distraction and I will

Write you a dream. I will disrobe

You with words and although you have

Never seen me you will fall in love with

My words and I with yours. I will bathe

You with words, paint you with words

And you will feel my words coursing

Through your body. There will be nowhere

My words haven't touched before finally

Coming to rest in your heart.


You may not be an angel and maybe

There are none and if there are none then

The world is a poorer place, but I don't

Believe that, for I am a dreamer and when

I dream my dreams include angels, and I

Have seen you there.


Inspired by a light of extraordinary

Power, I will finish this work with,

A smile in my heart, you’re a girl in a

Million, a friend through and through,

My poetic side is enhanced knowing



© Joseph G Dawson


  • Seek

    You drench her with the power of words and give them a life of dynamism. Great write! Please check out my "When Evil is God" and feel free to comment or make constructive criticism. That is how I hope to grow in my new passion. Thanks.

    • Joe Dawson

      Thank you, I am most grateful for your comments, and I will be round to read your work later in the day. My thanks again. Joe

    • kevin browne

      Absolutely love this style in which you write about you loved one. The exprssion is powerful, meaningful and gratefully writing from within your stunning mind. Keep this work up, please...

      • Joe Dawson

        Thank you Kevin, The lady for whom I wrote this piece is a friend who at a time when I was in two minds about poetry somehow steered me back onto the tracks from which I'd slipped. I owe her much. Thank you again for your very kind comments. Joe

      • Tiffany_Arnold

        This is beautiful

        • Joe Dawson

          Thank you, I truly appreciate your comment. Joe

        • Neville

          Your opening stanza is super.. and the tale you tell, or recount flows nicely... but I must confess, I am not a fan of your chosen font...

          For those of us with less than perfect vision, it can be very distracting .... this is not a criticism of your writing and I hope my comment here is taken in the spirit in which it was intended....


          • Joe Dawson

            Of course Neville, but there are many who do like it. I will look for something in the middle. Many thanks, Joe

            • Neville

              Yes, absolutely.. you must go with what you feel is best for you and your posts... Neville

            • Fay Slimm.

              That fortunate lady will be sure to treasure this most romantic slice of your gift for words Joe ........ an amazingly powerful read.

              • Joe Dawson

                Yes dear Fay, I believe she does, she told me so and thus I am thrilled twice over both by my friends kindness and your liking it too. I am very lucky, in fact my cup runneth over. Many thanks, Joe

              • Laura


                Fay said it best...
                That lucky lady will surely appreciate and treasure ‘this most romantic slice of your gift for words’!
                Your gift for words have made this a powerful read indeed!

                Thank you for sharing your talents!


                • Joe Dawson


                  Yes, I think it highly possible that she does and has tucked my words away somewhere very special.

                  Many thanks for reading and commenting,


                  • Laura

                    I’m positive she has!
                    How could she resist?!

                    ‘Tis always my pleasure to read and comment!🤗

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