Thomas J. Dooley


A lie has been forced upon you

It tells you what to think and what to do

You believe the wisdom of a fool

Without any facts or proof


This is the myth of American pride

Living in the comfort of fear

Is that why everyone comes here?

No, they come for a better life

And comfort for a weary soul


What is this pride

Is it in how different we are?

You stay on your side, and I will remain on mine

Or is it just too hot to live in the melting pot?


This is the myth of American pride

Hate is what makes a lie a fact

While the ignorant blind follows behind

Stepping off into the political abyss


Is it about calling out for help

Not knowing that just being who you are that is the real threat

Thrown to the ground, hot metal in your chest

Only lynched by gun and we should get over it


This is the myth of American pride

Neighborhood block party where everyone is welcomed

Kids playing till the street light comes on

All ruined by the social and physical needs


Those we salute for their sacrifice

With memorials at a discounted price

Our union pride forgot the sacrifice

Complaining someone outside made the memorial design


This is the myth of American pride.



©Copyright 2016 Thomas Dooley

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