Thomas J. Dooley


The rumors going wild

Your mind fighting back all the lies

Not another child

They think they got it right

Living in the days of wild


So drop in the tape

Push the button that says play

Turn it up past 11

You know the kid is in heaven


Purple love child

Is in the heart of that funky style

Have some pride for your ears

Just listen to the dove's tears


Christopher gave the girl a turn

J-Hud took the song to church

Broke it now no one can sing it like her

That is how the funky life works


The love you feel

Makes the funk so real

You know the heart will heal

So pick your sound

He left enough to go around


Purple love child

Is in the beat full of life

Have some pride towards other people eyes

Smile when you hear that guitar riff

You know it was always a gift


We don't have to believe the lies

we are all

A Purple Love Child


©Copyright 2016 Thomas Dooley


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