I Hate You

Dear Love,



Hey, it's me Hermosa, your most devoted believer. I'm writing to tell you that I'm at peace with your mistake. I only have one question, why'd you do it? Why would lead me to that for which brought the upmost pain? I've loved and lost. And it hurts worse than the last time. I thought you were my friend and that you were going to lead me to happiness and fulfillment. You failed me, now I'm torn and lost and I can't trust anyone because I can't tell the difference between you and the brain. You see because the brain will make me hurt someone and you'll make me love that same someone. Why are you so against me when I'm so for you? Now I cry myself to sleep because you made me fall in love with him and he became my world but then he lied and worse but, still you went hard for him and me. And when I'm not falling asleep I'm staying up until 3 am thinking about all of the ways I could've fixed us but the truth is you made me love him and maybe he loved me too but our love was wrong. I should've never responded to his note, and if I could I would have never walked into that park. You did this and now it's too late for stories. I hate you love, and I hope you die a painful death just like I did.


Sincerely, the one you did wrong


  • dusk arising

    Hating love will bring you a lifetime of bitterness. Learning to love and accept human imperfection is more realistic. None of us are perfect or deserving of perfection.

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