Planting seeds of life - growing self awareness...

(Subtitled: kudos beloved Amelie Beth)

Dilly gents gal lore spellbinding

metaphorically exhuming, ferreting, gleaning...

insightful handy dandy blues clues

unearthing treasure trove motherlode,

(and father lode) eye opening discover re:

visa vis our family of origin ancestry.


Painstaking efforts undertaken

courtesy thee i.e. eldest sister

(age difference between her and yours truly

thirteen months and twelve days)

ye (figuratively) dug deep

within plethora of genealogical database

mine insight piqued

following genetic revelations.


Raw bits (nuggets - comstock

rivalling wealth of Croesus

sowed countless generations ago)

enlightened this protoplasmic broth heir,

(a biological composite dada

elicited factoids ginning


humongous, illustrious, judicious...

awareness, that allows, enables provides...

knowledge linking me deoxynucleic acid

with forebears, whose good n plenti

inherited characteristics, desires

(under the elms), mannerisms,

predilections, quirks, urges,

yearnings, et cetera contra dance,

flickr, golong, kindle, shutterfly...

within mine contemplative,

intuitive, reflective...soul asylum

explaining, informing, liberating...


natural inquisitiveness percolating within,

not necessarily to excuse

deleterious, egregious, infamous...

(hyperbole for poetic impact)

behavior (mine), nonetheless

delighting, educating, fascinating...

assimilating, bridging, semen ting

heritage invariably jumpstarting

dormant desire to acquire

increased comprehension whereby,

I experience surge to learn

greater familiarity affecting


heightened awareness, where

countless questions once incubated

regarding spiritual communion,

where lovely bones of mein kampf

feel linkedin with spirits

of thee dead ancestors.


Hence awesome accomplishment

piecing together (with assistance from relatives)

once puzzling enigma shrouding

past lives (not sainted)

comprising Harris family of origin.




  • dusk arising

    According to your profile page you do not read other poets work on here or make comments... why is that then?

    • rew4er2nail

      thank you for bringing the matter to my attention. i post comments on without intent to enrage, get irate, provoke, rile...the half dozen plus other sites overlooked without aversion to share, but self engrossment trying to scrounge around for websites the cost minimal or absolute zero cents in a futile effort to experience winning just a dollop of dollars, si?

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