Essence of Love

Love is the essence

 and source of life 

as the seed which 

when fall on earth 

becomes origin of plant 

as the when sun shine 

it takes away darkness 

as when rain falls 

the flowers and leaves 

dance in happiness 

as when season changes 

brings change in everything 

love brings change in life 

when it dwells in heart 

it is not affected by presence 

and absence , pleasure and 

pain, lovers bear whatever 

beloved metes out to him 

or her pleasure, pain, 

honour and disgrace, 

love has many forms 

somewhere it is caring 

somewhere it takes form

of compassion, kindness 

it is the core of heart 

where it resides as

soul is to body love is to

heart, somewhere it is 

restless desire to see

the beloved, sometimes 

seeking Divine through 

the love of beloved 

sometimes the it is 

message from divine 

through beloved, sometimes 

while seeking divine you found 

beloved, sometimes it is 

seeing and hearing beloved 

without eyes and ears. this is 

a miraculous love 

love has many states and forms 

which are beyond comprehension 

and apprehension of others 

as love is feelings are never 

mere words that can be 

expressed as love is not love 

If whole world desire love 

they can’t attract love and 

if they desire to repel it 

they can’t as it is a divine blessing 

and can’t be acquired intentionally 

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