Maniacal madman manacled me

Ironclad choke hold tightened

around pencil necked geek

stranglehold noose asphyxiated

courtesy mailer daemon freak

specifically America Online

server gremlin sought out meek

resplendently attired as Doctor sheikh

wordsmith scouted out as weak

cussed link within human league

surprisingly springing thru Lenovo

external screen, simulating sneak

issuing nary soundcloud when tweek

king "FAKE" childish

ploy regarding peek

a boo as preschool prankish charade,

emulating, feigning, gamboling as mystique.

Little did yours truly discern

unsavory fated deaf fete

incorporating cunning linguistic deceit,

whereat innocent naivete scourge did mete

undeserved pummeling thrashed thinker

savagely, sadistically, and sacrificially beat

mastah to bloody pulp frequent visitor

courtesy aforesaid web portal

unexpected encountering

heinous nemesis greet

ting this chap with

suspicious groovy and neat

out of vogue colloquialisms

circa nineteen seventies

dead giveaway handy dandy

blues clues poetic feet

toe tilly tubular (iambic pentameter)

maintaining quite exemplary

skill for Pete

sakes, blindsided,

hoodwinked, outsmarted...

mine acute intuitive

perception, albeit fleet

tin gully as laxative courses

thru lower gastrointestinal

tract analogous to

GoLytely/PEG Solution

preprepatory for gastroenterologist

to ass esse seat

of pants anatomy i.e.

derriere, whether polyps

populate and remove

if necessary tenamount

to separating chaff from wheat,

and if all's well that ends

well patient with sore tuckus,

nonetheless rearing

to experience healthy

gluteus maximus treat

ting him/herself to feast

like gourmand and eat...

dagnabbit blasting impish,

where dark shadows

house outer limits of twilight zone

pestiferous heterosexual binary

bugaboo with chutzpah

nabbed against gangland

style angry bird

twittering parakeet.


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