Thomas J. Dooley


Black style

Is not a wannabe grasping for attention

It's more than cornrows and black hair extensions


Black style

Is respect for 46 million people's lost history


Black style

Is just a white mans lie

Just so he can sell overpriced kicks


Black style

Is believing in your self

Understand what it means *"by any means necessary."


Black style

Is not an article on page 31 of Vogue magazine

Or a trendy fashion


Black style

Is taking care of family

Breaking all the stereotype lies


Black style

It is not the way you walk or talk

Or protecting your street CRED


Black style

Is more like Maya Angelou composing a poem


Black style

Is Ali in a fight we will never understand


Black style

Is Marven Gay sing words of soul field with peace

Wishing he was here today


Black style

Is Louse Gates saying call me Skip

Have to much respect

Dr. Gates is all I can say


Thinking you have Black Style

The first time you called a wigger and smacked upside the head

You'll claim that Blackness was never your style


©Copyright 2016 Thomas Dooley



*quote from Malcolm X






  • dusk arising

    It is what it is... not exclusively good or bad.... same as any kind of style... not all styles of anything are exclusively good or bad.... eye of the beholder etc.

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