Thomas J. Dooley


Always in a fight with my self

Because of the good or bad, I've felt

The thought goes through my head

Just want to taste it and feel it again


Vice, wrong or right

Always have to think twice

Temptation tells you is it nice

Just one more try

Now I am caught in the vice


Had control I could see my goal

What will it be when I am old

A seed will never grow

If you don't plant it in the soil


Vice, right or wrong

Fighting the thoughts all day long

Prove to myself I can be strong

Temptation gets in my head

Now I am caught in its vice


All the good work I have done

Gave it up for a moment of fun

To get back there I would have to run

No more moments in the sun


Vice, wrong or right

Just want to live my life

Nothing wrong with being nice

Don't want to lose got keep my pride

Fighting my way out of this vice



©Copyright Thomas Dooley 2018





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