With Christ I Have

Am I weak at times?


Still, He is stronger.

Yes, the flesh is strong.

Thankfully, He keeps me,

from temptation,

that may overcome the flesh.

Oh, the sinful temptation!

Oh, the devil is great.

Great is he,

and the calamity he makes.

Great is his temptation.

Great is his deceit.

Still, he will not triumph.

Because, I have,

Christ Jesus,

who is my God and Savior,

I am greater than the devil.

Because, The Lord,

keeps me on the right path,

I will always have,

peace in Him.

Because Christ,

will never give me,

more than I can bare,

I can withstand,

all temptation.

Because God,

has given me,

wisdom and diligence,

I will not fall,

for the enemie's deceit.

Am I weak?


Still, with the Holy Spirit,

I have power,

over ever enemy.

With the Holy Spirit,

I have the power,

to lead ten-thousand men,

into battle,

and come out victorious.




  • orchidee

    A good sincere write Forever. Some won't understand - if not having spiritual understanding. Also - I know one who put on an application form to: nationality? 'Citizen of heaven'. Which is what he is! But the world said 'Erm, yes; we don't have that in our drop-down list of options online though'.

    • ForeverJesus6

      Thank you for responding. I am glad that you enjoyed it. I too heard about, 'The man and the application'.
      Persistence is key

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