What Do You Think

Am I a fanatic?


Some may call me one.

I do not mind.

Rather, I welcome the name.

Do I consider myself to be one?

Certainly not

I do not boast,

nor should I,

about who I am.

I simply love Christ Jesus.

I accept Him as my Savior.

I simply love the truth.


in loving Christ Jesus,

the truth falls into place.

I am not a fanatic.

I simply speak the truth,

and comply within,

all guidelines of the Bible.

When I live,

it is simply the Holy Spirit,

living through me.

So if you believe,

that I am a fanitic,

because I believe,

in the truth,

then by all means,

call me a fanatic,

but I must let you know,

that I am not,

so much as I am passionate.


  • orchidee

    I sense your sincerity here Dion. There will be opposition we know, from those who are 'anti'.
    Better being passionate, at least to some degree, then being dull as dish-water At least you're "alive". It's tricky to tell with some folk, maybe! Me too at times, when I get into a dull state.

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