Jon Nakapalau

the princess and the pomegranate moon

once there was a princess
who fell in love with a stable boy
even though she was 
betrothed to a powerful lord

when her family found out
the stable boy was arrested
and after a mock trial
he was executed

he went to the gallows
professing his love for the princess
not because she was a princess
but because she loved him as a stable boy

the princess had been sent away
to spend time with a relative
and did not find out the stable boy had been executed
until she came home the day before her wedding 

the night before her wedding day
she ran into the forest 
hoping to run far enough away 
so she would die before anyone found her

under a pomegranate moon
the silver ghost of the stable boy 
found her in a glen and kissed her
gently taking her hand 

she told him she was sorry for loving him
and that she never dreamed this would happen
and how she longed to be with him
now and forevermore

he whispered that it was not her fault
and that he would wait for her 
but that he wanted her to live 
a long life filled with happiness 

but the princess told him
that she was done with this life
because she had nothing but years of sorrow 
that would shadow her heart

the stable boy asked the princess if she really wanted
to come with him now
and she said yes
as her warm tears fell through his cold hand

so the stable boy placed his hand on her heart
until it beat with the speed of hummingbird wings
speeding through her years 
as he kissed her lips 

the next day she was found 
laying on a bed of soft moss
smiling with her arms 
around herself as if embracing someone.

  • Author: Jon Nakapalau (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 2nd, 2019 19:52
  • Comment from author about the poem: Tried to write a longer poem.
  • Category: Surrealist
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