The Importance Of Parents

When we are children,
They mean the world to us.
We want to model them,
in everyway.
If you question, 'Why',
the answer is simple.
It is they, who are kind to you.
It is they, who love you.
It is they, who care for you.
It is they, who teach you.
Then you grow into your teens.
Yet, in your site,
they can no longer,
do anything right.
You seem to know it all.
Yet, when pride,
comes before trouble,
it is they whom you call first,
hoping that they will help you.
They are often,
taken advantage of.
... and they know this.
They are not ignorant.
Yet, they are there for you,
because they love you.
for most anyway,
you put aside your childish ways.
You learn to appreciate them.
Some must learn,
harder than others.
You no longer want to model them.
You no longer share,
the exact same ideas as them.
Still, you do realize,
their importance to you.
You realize their importance,
to any child.
As you grow,
you realize not everybody,
has what you have.
Some children grew up alone.
Some children grew up homeless.
Some children grew up,
lacking that certain figure,
they needed in their life.
So hopefully you realized,
and are greatfull for,
the gift God that has given you.
Now, as you grow into,
your older years,
and the sun is setting,
on their lives.
It is now your turn,
to care for them.
It is now your turn,
to be kind to them.
It is now your turn,
to be good to them,
the way you always should have been.


  • Thoughts In Time

    So true we need to appreciate parents and be grateful for all, choices I taught my children so they cannot blame anyone but themselves...sad how children reject and disrespect and desert their parents when they are old , leaving them alone to grow old...🌹

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