2019 unbroken lull in killings return with a vengeance

Screaming headlines erupted...

BREAKING news...massacre

barrage of gunfire

wrought countless deaths

newly minted unknown

mass murderer suddenly infamous

speculation immediately

trumpeted hate crime

targeted, premeditated, calculated

mass murderous sprees,

gunmen gloated gleefully

resultant mayhem throve

countless dead tally increased

security details, police,

and emergency crews

barked orders while

yellow crime tape cordoned

mortally wounded

and seriously injured

rushed into onsight

triage units as sirens blared

killer(s) coup shattered

tenuous complacency

prior cautious optimism

hesitantly blinked awoke

initial six months

two thousand nineteen

witnessed eerie calm

before tabloid magazines

ripped pages incomplete bios

unleashed blitzkrieg bullets

rent asunder sanguine flickr

joyus kindled linkedin

outlook presaging quaint

good n plenti peace on Earth

good will to men/women

annihilated as bullets besieged

random innocent victims

giddily, indiscriminately, wantonly...

slain in cold blood

immediate conspirator theorists

gin up rumor mill

defend homicidal maniac

simultaneously don MAGA hats

invectives incurring anti racist

bigoted, capital one

demagogue googly eyed president

unsurprisingly witnesses

popularity uptick

"loose canon" Grinchy grin

hooligan prince smiles

Machiavellian ghost lauds

apprentice regarding 2020 candidacy

able, ready, and willing

promise furnishing arms to the teeth

for every man, woman, and child

as campaign slogan.


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