A deep channeling

These words from the heart
from hand to paper it did not start
from an ancient burial ground, it responded to a sound
these ancient symbols that breathed life to depart from the abyss
like a cobra to a song
it climbed out from the ground
followed the paved road up
it was guided by a flame lit in my soul
it was carried to me in the waves by the flow
we're more a feeling than a thought
each an individual eye in the tapestry of creation
like a wire stemming from a power centre
do we realise that we, each connected
are actually working together?
we can be as heavy as a brick or as light as a feather
depending on the weather
the state of being
the pressure
To feel everything so deeply is what keeps me driven
when I see all the words people want to say unwritten,
like scriptures in their energy tied with a static ribbon,
while being an intricate part of eternity,
on earth tightly hold an identity
I desire to grow peacefully
even if I don't fit in with many
but that's okay because I'm you and you're me
both individual strands of eternity
even if I die I've just transformed
my essence sings songs even after I'm gone



  • Claudelle DeLuna

    So Beautiful!
    Thanks for sharing!
    *C ✌

    • laralove

      Thank you! < 3

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