Joker Wood

Wishing For A Clown As A Friend

A real Clown as a friend...too much to ask?
Maybe better still...just for a friend?
One who always show smiles and joy;
One who always put that face,
That happy smiling face;
Never have that frown;
Just happiness
and jumping



With Laughter,

  • Author: Joker Wood (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 7th, 2019 05:14
  • Comment from author about the poem: It was probably a few days ago when I suddenly fantasized about having a Clown as a friend, and I would be jumping happy.
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  • dusk arising

    But inside you there would soon arise a need to see behind that smile.

    I know ppl who are always and i mean 'always' a happy front.... its an easy to identify act and no-one gets close to them nor wants to.

    • Joker Wood

      The need to see the truth of what is inside;
      No matter how hard they try, it is not something they can hide.

      Maybe there are people who are not like that, but they have some sort of beliefs or mentality which enables them to be positive no matter their own way.

      • dusk arising

        Maybe like a devout christian who's inner voice is there saying "the lord would do this or react like this" so that they always have a path. But that is enacting a borrowed philosophy and stifling their true personality... and it shows.
        A very deep subject.

      • orchidee

        It's commendable to have 'nice' clowns as friends, I think. Though some are sinister and scary.
        I worked in a family-related area. We had a clown for our logo (a nice one), when we only catered for young children. Then we changed the logo when we expanded to cater for all the family members.

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