Lovely hate crimes spate – trumpeted violent trend

(posthumous playful note to posterity kith unsealed

courtesy yours truly once deceased and cremated.) glad tubby gratefully dead

butta shaw miss dug hid ole days

when violence highly overrated

unlike current rooted locked dread,

aye wax poetically nostalgic when Fred

Rogers friendly persona

already quaintly outdated

mutinous armed militia incessant childish

popgun lawlessness pranks ran amuck

indiscriminately fired

magazine round as bullets sped

whizzing to and fro, hither and yon

slowed then stopped by flesh,

while folks nestled abed

bloody sheets, yupper reckon

shot blew hole head

off, no necks time

no matter innocent victim led

virtuous life kneadlessly,

purposelessly, unfairly...

stole by bullet size Grinch, hmm possibly

just maybe, he felt put off and miss sled

by Whoever, thus mad as hatter his said

color turned fifty shades of gray

mottled with fire engine red

now, no matter such innocent chitty chitty

bang bang ruses by duplicitous

hotheaded hooligans bred,

cuz instead every man, woman and child

blessed, donned, gifted... with atomic warhead

absolutely crazy, but president instead

wanted even Steven playing field to win votes,

no matter constituents begged and pled

naught necessarily in vain

since humanity in short shrift

cleared off terra firmae,

another foreign species immune

to radioactive fallout sprung

out Taj Mahal fountainhead

of atlas shrugged ayn rand dilly read

deed planet Earth proof positive Q.E.D

drafted fiat whereby high

powered weapons packing heated lead

plus scattered nuclear bombs


melted than repurposed material

i.e. former munitions armaments purchased

hoof hull legal black market

into raw bits moon units instead

necessary for android robots to tread

carefully, but carry big stick,

when encountering dreamy eyed electric sheep.



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