Himiko of Yamatai: A Short Story


Long ago, there once was a queen. Her name was Himiko of Yamatai. It is said, that the people of Yamatai were once simple fisherman, who were caught in a storm and were shipwrecked on the coastline of a far away land. As time went on, a small fishing village became a country and kingdom, where only the women succeeded the throne. But Himiko was no ordinary woman. 

     According to legend, she was born on one stormy night when the storm was at its worst. The people prayed to their gods of earth and sky and sea to go back into peaceful slumber, as they believed when all three were awakened, they would battle for control of the world, and the world would end. 

     Himiko split her country between admiration and defiance, as rumour bounded that she had abilities not of this world. Admirers quickly built shrines of worship, which were torn down and burned just as quickly by rebels… those who called her a witch were taken to the sword and went to it gladly. 

     Another storm came, worse than the last. People prayed and the rebels pointed the finger at her as the cause, as she calmly walked into the churning sea and held out her hands. It is said, after a few moments, the storm suddenly ceased. Sunlight cut through the clouds like glass, and birds began to chirp again. In that moment, she became known as the Sun Queen. She ascended to the throne, and carried dynasty three hundred years strong, with her brother Lui as Lord Commander of her Queensguard. When war struck, she and her nation retaliated with brute force and a superior sense of warfare. The summers would bring drought and winters would be so cold, they would kill almost all young children. She ruled peacefully and justly for around sixty years, and suddenly… the kingdom vanished. 

     No one knows why or how. Some say the gods awoke a final time and destroyed the land, others suspect foul play from allies, enemies, both, or from within, all of which point the finger at her brother — maybe he was jealous that she was the queen regent and envied her. But no one alive today knows what happened. Many have sailed to the islands believed to be Yamatai, yet no one has ever returned.

  • Author: Niall (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 9th, 2019 09:18
  • Comment from author about the poem: A fictional story based on the myth of the first Queen of Japan, Himiko.
  • Category: Short story
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  • FineB

    Hello Niall,

    What an excellent story.

    A superb write.

    Alas at times it is difficult being a woman I the world wherever you maybe!

    Keep writing

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