Does It End?

Tell me there is something more 

Something beyond waking up to just another war 

Why am I so torn and weak? 

Why does circumstance require such strength when God has made me so meek? 

Tell me there is a difference between defeat and victory 

Because they seem so much the same to me 

No matter lose or win, there is just another go 

I can fight, but in the morning, it’s just the same old foe 

Tell me there’s even a point to try 

When either way, I feel like I’m just going to die

Tell me there’s a point to fight this one 

When there’s just a next one with a bigger gun 

Prove to me there’s even a chance that I can catch a glimpse of the light 

And I promise, one more day with my all I will fight 

Until then, I’m gonna run red lights and take these corners a little too fast 

Close my eyes and pray when I open them, it’s all in the past 



  • Christina8

    Ok, slow down, be careful, have a little hope. Things aren't so bad! Keep writing and thanks for sharing!

    • JWKP98

      I suppose I should have inserted the disclaimer I no longer have these feelings. I used to and I wrote this when I did a couple years ago. I've been doing much better. I like that you said keep writing; my doctor told me to keep writing poetry as well for a healthy outlet. I apologize for not denoting that these are feelings I have overcome. Thank you, God bless!

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