Only So Much

Yes, it might,

get you far.

It might make you strong.

I'll say however,

it will not last forever.

It can only go so long.

I tell my nieces,

and my nephews,

"The truth will always,

be revealed".

It may be tomorrow,

or years from now,

but you cannot,

keep it concealed.

Your mammon may save you,

in the beginning,

but will bring you down,

in the middle,

and leave you in the end,

and will take it's power with it,

leaving you feeling little.

Now where will you hide?

What will you say,

when it is time,

on Judgement day -

when it is to late,

and you hear the final bell (trumpet)

and Jesus turns you away,

and sends you to hell?


  • dusk arising

    Goodness me. There you go again talking FEAR of christ. A man made fear by religions who sought to gain power over the masses. Looks like you have been frightened into spirituality.

    Get rid of stupid notions that god wants you to fear. God is love and goodwill SO WERE ALL OF HIS TEACHINGS.... man invented fear of god.

    • ForeverJesus6

      You are wrong in so many ways. From a secular standpoint, it may seem like that, but having Christ Jesus in your life cannot make you more free. I think even people who claim that they do not believe in God, really does believe in Him, so they try to convince themselves that God is only a God of love and not judgment out of fear.
      You are afraid of God because you misunderstand what He is about, but you do not have to be. Yes, God is love, and love casts out all fear. Maybe you did not notice, but you contradicted yourself.
      Persistence is key

      • dusk arising

        No contradiction whatsoever in my comment. Unlike man made christianity which is full of them.

        I have no fear of god, i love god as he loves me.

        Persistence in the christian church is brainwashing children, instilling fear into them and peadophillia. Even the pope is surrounded by peadophile scandal.


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