Best Friend Become Strangers

They started off as strangers.

Then said hi & bye a couple of times,

They made an acquaintance.

Now walk side by side and talk all the time,

They're very acquainted.

A night at the bar they had a few rounds,

Then got a bit faded.


And that was the basis.

See it was when they were conversating,

Then realised it was 10, a.m...

But they started last night.


A lot was said and, more was done

They, found they had a, lot in common.

On top of the obvious insomnia problem

Retrospectively being opposite sex was the problem.


Because it weren’t until sex entered the fray,

That their BFF relationship started to stray.

Should it have been a one off or continued this way,

Or would it matter? Was it simply a case of:


It was bound to happen like,

Thunder clapping after lightning striking its,

Kind of frightening how it can come and go so quick.

How best friends become strangers.


It Is What It Is.

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