Das dada = codified bonafide anachronism

me thoughts infused

with thom hankering for yesteryear

circa antebellum i.e.

American Civil War era veer

rilly, teetering, smoldering, rumbling

upon iniquitous tier

United States greenacres crossroads

with petticoat junction spear

ritually hexed courtesy anti abolitionists

pitted against unfair

slavery, yours truly spellbound

gravitating, fixating, entrancing,

an invisible sonneteer

disembodied spirit transported

back in time,

qua closing first decade

of twenty century aware

how historical events will unfold,

yet lacking means

to affect alternate outcome,

though yearning to spare

fledgling democracy deaf to blare

ring coming fury me unseen

relishing preponderant naiveté

and childlike innocence

before internecine warfare

many stripling young lads,

yet to sprout facial hair

trumpeting, scampering, rejoicing

after favored lass with no care

gathering rosebuds while they may

before their brave hearts got

touched, torched, taxed...

with fire, ah... so cavalier

wondering, speculating, nursing

curiously piqued how adaware

those who frolicked

within Autumn mist did revere

observing what didst appear

oblivious laughter and attitude

analogous to good cheer

omnipresent at Renaissance Faire,

no doubt trials and tribulations

compromised welfare

envious countless scores generations

past knew not global threats,

nonetheless societal fabric circa

early/mid nineteenth century

severely wrenched when

Emancipation Proclamation didst declare

manumision, though sadly

blatant anti semitism, bigotry, racism...,

trumpeted within rank putrid odor

doth still fill the air!



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