I've lost you, Love

You have always been my muse Since the day I found out you possibly existed Nearly everything I believe is based around you Thinking about you, writing was so easy Words cane to mind and spilled out on to a page I read my old stuff and I'm astonished I wrote that And comparing it to my recent stuff I've realized I've lost you I ran away from all the heartbreak and anger, Not realizing I was running away from you too I started running back All but too late and I ran I stumbled and fell a couple times.

This is a race I never thought I'd be in And once it started I didn't think I'd do anything but finish it I turned back on the last bend on the track Trying to gather everything back that I dropped along the way I was almost back to the start, almost back to where you are And I fell again I stayed laying down on the track, broken ankle Broken me Laying down again Waited for someone to do something Prayed I just get brought back to you Wished to pass out and wake up to you saying "It's okay, you're safe with me" Hoped to just be okay with you again But nothing happened No one came to take me back to you I never finished the race, I never got back to the start either I stayed down, Waited for the world to stop

But that doesn't happen either It keeps going and eventually I sat back up Picked up my dreams and insperations Put them in my bag next to pens and paper And I sat and wrote about you again Bring you back to me without it fighting to win or lose anymore And so we sat and read my words again

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