When you fell asleep and forgot to hush the light

Your being radiated pure beauty, your essence in calm repose

When you were asleep, your full hair flooded the pillows

Adding gracious wildness to a beauty unequalled

When you were asleep leaving me to ponder your innocence

Behold, an angelic child was born and a life renewed

When you fell asleep the flowers awakened, unveiling your purity

Every part of your torso, a feast of visual delights

When you were asleep your fragrances imbued my being

With divine perfumes that I inhaled down to my core

When you fell asleep, mountains moved, inviting us to scale their heights

Floating royally in states of suspended timelessness

In your sleep, your heart was wide open

Eyes gently closed

When you were asleep the music of love hits crescendo

Calling me to dance, holding your being, aloft with the dancing stars

Enveloping my being wishing you stayed asleep

When you were asleep the soft music of your breathing enraptured

Releasing a fragrance uniquely yours

When you were asleep your slumber proclaimed a tenderness

As the symphonies of the crickets rang

When you were asleep you granted me the freedom of

Admiring the work of art in my presence

When you wake up, I will sing you tales of your slumber

Knowing that love will remain, with you asleep or wide awake


© Alwi Shatry, All Rights Reserved

August 16, 2019

  • Author: Seek (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 16th, 2019 06:45
  • Category: Love
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  • Fay Slimm.

    A wonderful example of looking at romance whilst love takes a rest - - a fortunate lady takes you penning to paradise -a thrill of a read Seek.

    • Seek

      Flattered and humbled by your comment,especially coming from you dear Fay. You just made my day, no matter how young the day is from my vantage point. God bless. May love's sleep forever alert us to her majesty and the incomparable joys of our own self-discovery!

      • Fay Slimm.

        Thank you muchly dear poet-friend for your warmest of wishes wrapped in such poetic words.

        • Seek

          May the beauty of poetry continue to give meaning to our lives and wrap us in their beauty!

        • trin

          Every line of this poem captured me! I love the depth of it, this is true love!

          • Seek

            Very encouraged and inspired by your generous comment. Thank you Trin.

          • Neville

            what we have here is a delightful bit o poetry, brimming with love & gratitude, almost to the very point of adoration.....


            • Seek

              As (likely) one of the older - if not the oldest newcomer to poetry here or anywhere else, your comment tells me it's never too late to indulge oneself in a passion that has been so long been in hiding. Thank you Neville.

              • Neville

                my absolute pleasure...

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