Chris Yellow


Imagine, as they nowadays do,
that matter is actually
not in one place precisely,
that when the quantity
is really really small
and speed is rather high,
(so no cat, nor box, nor standing still)
matter becomes light
and light matter alike,
E=mc^2 and all that.

At this quantum scale
if you measure a particle's place
you know exactly where it stood
but not when it did so.
During that moment
it is not spread over all
in a probability wave
or a distribution of matter.

Yet funny things happen!
Like, passing instead
one single particle
through two holes,
this unequivocally shows
it not in any one place
but spread in a wave
from it you get time,
(take my word for it)
but not space.

So is the puzzle,
of quantum!


  • kevin browne

    Fab and interesting read. Thanks for sharing your wisdom into the atomic world of atoms. Amazing...!!

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