William Troup

An Englishman’s Walk



I strode in the midst of a winters dream

   where summer had been more kind than seen.

Where autumns foliage lay wasted in streams

   and spring waters sing and hope to be ...


   its dream for tomorrow; but tomorrow had been

      and conquered the skies ...

      what eyes could see!




Her raindrops glistened under red filled eyes

   in awe of beauty the careless will deny.

And smoke stacked futures all built from lies

   now line the knolls where her beauty defies ...


   our dream for a future, but a future in peril,

      had forsaken the skies ...

      what eyes would see?




Now Englishman walk from the towns to seas

   and regales to their families all that had been.

Their children now laugh aloud and in glee

   in their ill gotten fortunes us fallen could see ...


   their dreams for tomorrow, but tomorrow had seen

      their lust for the skies ...

      what eyes awake would futurity see?

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