The Slow Burn

Stood by the fridge

Emptiness growing

Plotting and scheming

Because it’s so bad what we do

It’s so wrong

To deceive like I do

I stand there going back

And forth

And logic says


Everything else says

Reign it in

Hold it back

Save it up

And what’s the point anyway

I’ll live anyway

The noises that make me jump

Get louder when I’m hungry

And I soften when I’m hit

I don’t harden

So I sit there at the dining table

Melted like the ice cream

That’s easy to get rid of

Once I’ve had too much

Smooth and quick and quiet

I deceive

So I can control what you perceive

I’m scared of all of them now

The numbers aren’t boundaries anymore

They blur into how small can I make them

How small can I be

I never was good at endurance sport

But starving

It’s good at deceiving me



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