I ate the apple from the tree of knowledge, only to see and acknowledge.

Picked from the tree
only to see
seen the shackles
created by me

from dark to light
from shadow to sight
a silhouette once seen
now a flashlight shun in the night

parts of me
once buried down deep
come to me
awaken me from a sleep

shake hands I meet
my demons
they're sweet
I cradle don't bury
dear darkness don't worry
you're safe and sound
free from the chains I kept you in
now free to roam

not so alone
only a concept I chose
connected at source
beat through me
it took its course
individuated from source
meet parts of me
in all those I greet
in the wind
in the trees
on land and in the seas
supposed to happen
supposed to be
in all things I see
only but me.

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