The Swarthy Bard

The Essence of Your Rage


The essence of your rage is pain:—
a blight, a plague of blood-red rain!
It is the might and wrath of God,
a deity you dare not trod
on and a hell that raises Cain!



It is a thunderous, loud peal:—
a thunderclap that we all feel.
It is a gale which blasts the coasts,
destroying all that we love most
that forces us to shrink and kneel.



It is a menacing, strong squall
that bodes misfortune for us all;
it is an angry, perfect storm
that's more destructive than the norm
which brings about the world's downfall.



Alas! the essence of your rage
now is shared for Christ to assuage,
as all you've loved deserted you.
But, dear, I'm here and will stay true
for e'er now as your friend and sage.


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