Joker Green

Unknown Call of The Tree

A sudden feeling...of a need towards nature and the trees;
Couldn't grasp any of this;
Couldn't even rest;
Is this a test?


At last, I continuously played this song
and the urge somewhat lessened;
Perhaps this is something deep down within
or a need that I need to satiate or somethin'.



With Love and...?,




    BRIAN here ~ THANKS FOR SHARING JOKER ~ What you are experiencing is a Primeaval urge to return to Nature and the forest ! Thousands of years ago we were Hunter Gathers living in Harmony with Nature and part of the Fauna and sharing in the Natural Life Cycles. As urban Man we have built our own Artificial Concrete World apart from Nature ! We get our water from taps (not streams & springs) Food from Supamarkets (not the Fields & Forest) Energy from Fossil Fuels & Electricity and our homes are Manmade Bricks and not wood & plants & clay. We are no longer part of Nature ! I have visited Africa & South & Central America and some People still do live symbiotically with Nature ! The tragedy is through URBANISATION (now > 50%) and INDUSTRIALISATION H.Sapiens is destroying the PLANET ! See My Poem yesterday POLLUTION SOLUTION ! I am fortunate ~ there is a Public Woodland & Lake 5 minutes walk for my Flat so in 10 minutes I can be in a *Natural Forest* communing with the Sights & Sounds and Creatures of Nature and in the Morning & Evening very few People. It is open 24/7 and safe for a Grown Man. I am a Queens Scout so have spent many weeks camping in remote corners of the UK and living (almost literally) off the land and cooking over *open log fires* AMEN !

    Who hath smelt wood smoke @ twilight ?
    Who hath heard the birch logs burning ?
    Who is quick to read ~ the noises of the night ?
    Let Him follow with the others
    Where the Young Mens feet are turning
    To the camps of known desire
    And proved delight !

    Thanks for caring & Sharing
    Love the MUSIC & the POEM !
    Yours BRIAN 💙💙💙💙💙

    • Joker Green

      There's a lot of wisdom, philosophy, and learning just by reading your comment/message.

      I was slightly confused because when I checked, it was a poem of a different title.
      Maybe because of the time difference here.

      Your's like the voice of a speaker. I just suddenly analyzed patterns a bit recently.

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