"Pray For Amazonia?"

She's on fire!

Unable to put it out.

Smoke filling her lungs,

She can't scream or shout.


Some who can, know but choose not to help,

Maybe they think this does not affect them as well.

It's a crisis, but not enough to make the News?

It's been going on for weeks and somehow not many knew.


Slowly but surely it's now gaining attention,

People are raising awareness,

Some are signing petitions.

World leaders must act, or they're not fit to lead,

We are talking about nearly 400 billion trees.


Are they just going to sit on their wooden chairs?

Reading their paper books?

Drinking their cups of tea?

Enjoying the air they breathe?

While the Earth's garden, home to billions of lives,

Including plants, animals and humans alike,

Just burns away right before our eyes?


For millions of years she has thrived and survived

But the Amazon Rainforest is now on fire.

Burning for weeks at an alarming rate,

You can even see a lot of the smoke from space.

An estimated one million square miles now burnt,

That's bigger than every country but 9, on earth.

She produces 20% of the air we breathe,

That's a fifth of our air gone without those trees.

Whole civilisations, whole species erased.

This may be the biggest crisis of modern day.


Of course many people will now say thoughts and prayers.

But who will take action? Who will lead the way?

Donate to a cause or, sign a petition,

Raise awareness, may seem futile but at least it's something.

This planet belongs to all of us.

Whether you like it or not,

This planet is all we've got.

We need her for life, and she needs us right now,

So #PrayForAmazonia but let's put this fire out.



    Thanks FRIEND for raising this issue ! We have written several Poems on Pollution & Conservation and are very interested in the CONSERVATION of the Amazon Rain Forests. Like the melting ice caps & glaziers ~ their destruction is irreversible once they are gone they are gone forever ! Unfortunately most people are ignorant of the SYMBIOSIS of the Flora & Fauna and its role in maintaining an equilibrium of CO2 in the Atmosphere. Plants absorb CO2 through their leaves which by PHOTOSYNTHESIS combines with water (H2O) ~ from the roots ~ to form GLUCOSE (C6H12O6) and OXYGEN (O2). The GLUCOSE polymerises into STARCH & CELLULOSE (plant fibre) The Animals & US breathe in OXYGEN and breathe out CO2 ! SIMPLE !
    For thousands of years this symbiosis maintained the CO2 @ 250 ppm and the ambient Earth Temperature @ 15C. Since the Industrial Revolution (use of Fossil Fuels ~ Deforestation ~ Urbanisation etc) CO2 has risen to 415 ppm (and rising) and ambient Earth Temperature to 16C (and rising) Global Warming has melted the ice caps ~ causing sea level rise and extreme weather etc. Angela (31) and I (36) are worried because we are Young and will still probably be alive in 2070 (82 & 87) when Environmental Conditions will be much worse and Population of 12 billion and 75% Urbanisation. While PEOPLE like TRUMP ~ who does NOT believe in (or understand) Global Warming ~ are in Charge there is not much hope for the World ! Thanks for ringing the ALARM BELL on MPS !

    ANGELA is my Fiancee and we share this site
    Blessings & Peace Brian & Angela.
    Please check our site ~ Thanks !

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