If this is all a school girl crush

Then why are you still here

How can it be a fever dream rush

When I still see us everywhere


Sunflowers in my mind

Growing like vines

Wrapping you up tight

You're such a sacred sight


Like a Bear running wild

I love you like a child

Loves everything imaginary

Make believe, but real to me 


I wonder if you feel it too

If you question what I am to you

If I still live in that corner of your mind

If I should be fading but I'm bold and underlined 


Maybe when you grace my dreams

I do the same for yours

Maybe this story is one we’ve both seen

And maybe, just maybe there’s more


Maybe you're gold

Maybe you're blue

Maybe I’m sold

On chasing after you



  • Tom Wood

    I honestly love this. This rings true and familiar in my heart more than I would like to admit. Really good job on this one, thank you for sharing it :)

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