Bewilderment and mistakes

I accept my all mistakes 

which I have done in 

bewilderment of some 

invisible reason but 

it happened in bewilderment 

but the intentions were never 

the way it seemed to be 

the reason for this is 

sometimes I couldn’t even 

understand myself how 

I have gone through that 

might be you are right 

from your standpoint 

I am no one to judge you 

Even knowing things 

from soul level, I am 

unable to change my 

circumstances , now 

whatever has happened 

has happened, repentance 

is the only thing , which 

could help at its best 

otherwise nothing could 

change the past as past 

has passed, through 

all those storms one 

thing hasn’t changed it’s 

your place in my mind, 

it’s same and there 

is no replacement for it


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