In her life she has dealt with heart ache and broken promises so many times.
A little girl so excited to hear that old pick up come down the drive.
But instead that little girl would stand there and hear nothing but windchimes.
She would ask herself why.
Why was I never worth your time?
Why was I never good enough but others were?
Why weren't you there to cheer me on?
Now that little girl is grown.
Now that little girl doesn't let you get close.
You try to pretend you are different but she sees right through your mask.
You may have everyone fooled but she knows what you are.
You are disappointment.
You are heartless.
You are her first heartbreak.
You were supposed to protect her from all that.
She doesn't hang her head low anymore.
She holds it high because she knows her worth.
She is worth more than you ever deserved.
You can start over and try to get it right with someone else.
But she knows the outcome.
She knows what you will do.
You won't change.
You will be someone elses first disappointment.
You will be heartless to someone else.
You will be someone elses first heartbreak.
Someone else will be waiting to hear that old pickup come down the drive.
But all they will hear is windchimes.


  • Thoughts In Time

    Welll I choose wind chimes in a world of breaking hearts..forgiveness is needed for souls that leave empty spaces where their presence is needed...we need to release and allow ourselves to heal ..not allowing the past to keep stealing from us ...we reap what we sow..emotion filled and touching write..🌹

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