Could have been tonight

Could have been tonight
Couldn't break the chain that keeps me
Out of bounds from sight
Couldn't make the spark that sets
The flame of life alight
That overcomes the dark of night
Gives company my lonesome plight
And might have made reality
The dreams that I excite
It could have been tonight


  • AlitaOpal

    Perhaps this night it will be, this reminds me that in life you really just got to take a chance.. Great write 🎈

    • b-LAH-que

      Tonight it will be, if necessary action follows the thoughts and fantasies I entertain of what could be. Being too much of a thinker without being enough of a doer sometimes has it drawbacks for me. Thanks for the comment!

      • AlitaOpal

        Try using your heart, creativity over logic.. thoughts leave us anticipating over what we should be doing.. I made a promise that this year I wouldn't look back or too far ahead, I'd focus on my gift which is my present moment.. not trying to sound cliche but I'm starting to really understand what sayings really mean, like the last thing Ned Kelly said before he was put to death, "Such as life".. feel me

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