Why must some walk?



History makes some people walk,

Tied to the past; wrapped up in chains

Their mind-forged manacles remain.


Bright white walls make some people walk,

Freshly painted every day; built of stone and hate

Too tall to climb; too strong to break

No tools provided to help with the destruction.


Art makes some people walk,

I am off to the side; I am poorly conceived

Just a message of wealth and power

But mostly I am invisible.


Words make some people walk,

Hiding in metaphors for power they constrict and apply new bonds

Posing as rebellion they lead them to exactly where they’re wanted

They provide excuses, justification, understanding and certainty

Words are power and some people have been taught newspeak,

But only some people.


Poverty makes some people walk,

They cannot afford the currency of the world or the spirit

They cannot travel to work or to their dreams; it is too far away

They cannot see; they cannot take part

They just own envy.


Why must some walk?

  • Author: Appletree (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 26th, 2019 05:52
  • Category: Sociopolitical
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