Thoughts of creativity

Creativity is a small thing to gain

by experience and thoughts

there is something new

in every perspective


If I loved and cared for something

another would shame and rail it away

on a small train


But the outcome of creativity is judgement

the outcome of caring is sharing

the outcome of loving is breaking

there are many things we think and feel

there are many things we do and act 

So how come those who are talented

don't believe in themselves?


That's because it was taught

by everyone around them


who taught it was a waste of time

who was jealous of it

and people who couldn't reach that place


so when insecurities takes ones mind

that's what will break but also mend our minds 


so when you stand in that empty corridor

don't imagine their crossed out faces


imagine the flowers you created


so you who stand there

you create your happy place

so don't let their shame intertwined

with your beautiful smile


because notes are made of tones

and meanings are made of letters


So when the brightest sunflower

is shining


it is proof that something

is giving that sunflower

is beautiful light







so learn from yourself

but mostly from everyone else

and experience and thoughts

of their inner perspective.


Because this is how we evolve

with open mind.


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