brandon k f

Thorn in a Lion’s Paw

How it would’ve been to be the first arrow to pierce a man’s heart
Or to be the first cough to spread the Black Death
We come together as a brazen lot of misfits, eroding the walls meant to keep us safe
But how it must’ve felt to pull the trigger on the first gun
Or to sack the first city in a chorus of wails and fire
For those with a monopoly on knowledge hold the esoteric truth all yearn to know
And crack the whips of cruelty over the backs of those who labor
But labor always leads to revolution, and revolution leads to an iron will
Greatness is achieved over the dead bodies of innocent people, for human suffering is always behind the greatest achievements
And the vilest of evils
Were the pyramids worth the slaves thrown at them until their completion?
Was free will worth the salvation of man kind?
Greatness is achieved over the bodies of innocent people
And greatness emerges from the will of man
Will can never be tamed, it’s a feral thing

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