Piecing together Harris/ Kuritsky tattered family tree

(Betsy Ross would beam at unflagging effort)


Ah, here all along yours truly

thought himself an abductee,

and/or zoologically

linkedin with chimpanzee,

hence imagine my disappointment

flipping laminated pages ye

ja undertook undoubtedly

painstaking effort,

plus wireless subcommittee

stitched together plain to see

helpful input thank you Amelie,

plus unnamed, undaunted,

and informed cousins

contributing to digging

into archives to help free

some unanswered nagging questions

only to generate others re:

garding ahem little feet

legs skinny as spaghetti

this haint no phallus si¿

lodged within me

noggin, which effort crudely

analogous fitting

prosthetic to amputee,

who understandably loosing limb,

would find her/him

screaming like banshee,

which one with diminished hearing

might sound like

suite (sweet) firebird stung

explaining flight of bumblebee

nonetheless, the bundled, compiled,

and detailed genealogy

courtesy eldest sister prithee

perhaps inspire "FAKE"

trumpeted voluminous tome twee

starring pooch donning

windblown heir spade fur -

or sporting canine toupee

with apt title regarding petsmart

bonafide muttering dog gone pedigree

hump backed bitches

in heat making whoopie

would become best selling fiction,

whereby Hollywood

might come calling

of course anonymous


or training one or another arctic monkey,

where production costs

totally tubular less money

versus famous Homo

thespians portraying

long gone i.e. bissell mishuga

characterizing deceased exhumed

(figuratively) ghosts

might be (like...y'know...really) eerie

yet, a possible windfall

after signed contract

once all parties privy

to dramatize ancestors

unilaterally abide and agree

this unsolicited barkback feedback

countless many shindigs

witnessed predictable

yours truly absentee

soul (and sole) brother pulling

no shows claiming lame excuse

ah betcha I inherited emotional uncoupling

generations ago dirt poor peon,

perhaps unwitting creator

of peanut butter and jelly.



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