Cali Kittana

I used to watch the bats at night

Watch them fly above the house

My father by my side, all felt right


As I grew up, I loved them more

I wrote essays in school

All for the sake of the bats


I haven't strayed far from my love

I miss being out in the sticks

Where I could see them fly and hear them squeak


You rekindled something inside me

Made me remember the nights with my dad

The cool air and the dark shadows above


You are my bat for now

You're close but so far away

I can see you but not touch


Seeing you is a delight I look forward to

Even though you don't squeak

You prefer to come out at night


Some days I hear you but can't see you

Much like the bats late on a cloudy night

I enjoy those as much as when I see you


I feared the illnesses bats were getting

As a young child I didn't want them all gone

That same fear strikes me when you get ill


The fact that you enjoyed watching them too

It lightens my heart and pangs it with sadness

Oh how I miss sitting on those front steps


One of these nights we'll see them together

I'll snuggle up to my bat maybe wear my wings

We'll watch them fly above us elegantly


I've got a small collection of bat toys

One is hanging from the ceiling

Others are waiting for October to come out


I've been meaning to get a bat charm

One to hang next to my crab and my T

To remind me more of childhood and you


The bats from my childhood are long gone

I wonder still if their children are still there

Flying over that house and delighting others


I'd give anything to be in that spot again

On the front steps in the summer

Next to my favourite guy at the time


I wonder if my father remembers those times

Sitting on the steps with me fawning

Pointing out shadows and squealing at squeaks


I want to create new memories with the bats

Watching them in new places with new people

I wonder if you'll watch them with me


I love the bats more than most things

Those are my favourite memories

Seeing them again would make me happy


I love you like I love my bats

You are a bat just as much as you are a crab

I wonder how you would feel if we watched together


Though the season is coming to a close

There is one thing I know for sure

I will forever be happy watching the bats fly

  • Author: Cali Kittana (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: August 31st, 2019 19:22
  • Comment from author about the poem: I'm on mobile so I'm hoping that the format is correct. I wrote this almost on impulse, actually, in around ten minutes. It's raw but not too much so and I hope you get the same longing feeling reading as I did writing. It's a rather short poem for me, but I feel like it got everything out that I wanted to say.
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