Two Pink Lines

we sat there

staring at two pink lines

so happy

so excited

we put our hands on my belly

ever so gently

caressed the space you would grow in

prayed to God

and thanked him

for finally giving us

this perfect little life

we poured over baby names

and nursery theme idea's

not knowing they would never be used


as soon as welcomed you

we had to say goodbye

the few short weeks you lived in me

were full of joy and laughter

were full of love

you were our baby

and now you are our angel

and though i dont know what your face looks like

i know

you are so beautiful

that this world just wasnt ready

and i know this isnt good bye forever

that life times are so short

but baby it feels like so long

to be away from you

but when i finally see you again

i swear

ill never let you go

ill never stop kissing your  beautiful face

ill never stop telling you how incredibly loved you are

baby your life may have been short

but it was real

you existed

and you left tiny foot prints

on our hearts

so we could never forget

our little angel

our baby

our Skylar






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