after hours

my sorrow is a monster

ten feet tall

all beady eyes and

teeth sharper than razor blades

nipping at my heels


i cannot run fast enough

to evade this black wave

that has only grown with me


nestled up against my ribcage

like vines crushing the life from

a once mighty tree

covered in all these hurts


but it wasn’t always this way

some monsters aren’t 

just the way they are

some monsters are made


and this monster was nurtured

a catalogue of things i can’t fix

things i can’t change

things that were done to me


and there’s only so much

i can drink

only so many painkillers 

i can swallow

before i feel nothing at all


my sorrow is not my friend

these claws only know how to

rend and tear

never knowing a touch that 

was anything other than cold


this choke-chain i hold

in my shaking hands

hardly seems like enough to

contain such a beast


and i don’t want to be

like my parents

i don’t want to be 

like you, lover boy

drowning my sorrow in

whatever i can reach


my sorrow will not

make me as monstrous

as this darkness so

often feels 


  • yellowrose

    The personification of sorrow ... Being like a monster . Very good ! Sometimes pain can make us lash out and hurt others and sometimes that can feel out of our control ... " these claws only know how to rend and tear " pain can affect how we sometimes are with other people ... Sometimes .

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