When you think of black rnYou think of jail.rnWhen I think of black rnI think of hell.rnLeaving this physical world rnWould be to dwell rnIs there a heaven or hell?rnOnly time will tell.rnUsing my minds eye 👁 I fly.rnWith the information that’s been reviled.rnI hope my ppl see this is so real.rnThat I hope you see that things can be unreal. rnBecause we been blinded by religion, politics and media, that it makes life seem so real.rnThey know what’s real that’s why you think of black as jail and I think of black as hell. rnWake up people!rnBecause life is more to it then you know rnNow that’s real. rnNow you know why they think of you as jailrnBecause your mind is trapped in jailrnAnd I say your in hell. rnI’m free from jail and hell rnBecause my mind has awoken the vail .rnrnrn

Its time we ALL wake up and stop sleeping on ourselves.
Physically free from prison but chose to stay in mental cells.
Our black should be beautiful and not allowed to be tainted
not watered down, whited out, and damn sure over painted.
Unknown artist tattoo us with various criminal acts.
You we can either spit a rhyme, catch a ball, or you gotta be moving packs.
So, to the Red White and Blue of course black is synonymous with jail.
and to us jail is synonymous with hell...so we sleep.
But now we can sleep no more,
because if there's a hell there's got to be a heaven and more.
Now I see you seeing me so I throw my fist in the air hoping that you will too,
Because it's time to be black AND proud so what you gone do?

I’m going to throw my diamonds in the air.
Talk to the stars and stare.
The reflection catch my mind.
Blank stare.
Something tells me that’s me up in the air.
Blank stare.
I’m remembering I’m a god
Ric Flair ( woooo)
Because I’m more then what a Bible verse say
I care.
What my ppl say
One day my ppl will forget who they is
But I say I haven’t forgotten
I’m very rare
Indigo kid up here
I’m coming home up there
Blank stare

  • Authors: Mike Hollis (Pseudonym), Bragee
  • Visible: All lines
  • Finished: September 19th, 2019 02:30
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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